Alarm System Installation

What should I look for in a security professional, and what kind of things does my dealer need to know?


A good security dealers primary concern should be the safety of your employees, customers and the facility in general. They should be reliable and experienced, take pride in their work, and only sell and install products from a reputable manufacturer. The type of security you need can only be determined by careful evaluation of your businesses requirements based upon the physical layout of the premises and the specific needs of employees and customers.

For example, beyond having perimeter protection for the doors and windows, there may be a need to have protection for internal doors that house computers, merchandise and other high-value items. In other instances, it may be important to give specific individuals limited access to areas within the facility such as a storage room or garage. A good security professional will provide solutions that fit your specific needs and that are scalable as your business grows. He should also provide training on the system so that you are knowledgeable about the operation of the system and all of its functions.


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