Distributed Audio Systems


Music in different rooms for different people. That’s the simple concept of multiroom audio. You choose the rooms, you choose the music and Russound components deliver it to in-wall or in-ceiling speakers—inside and outside in any number of rooms you choose.

Our solutions allow you to control a central audio-video system from any room in your home or office from elegant keypads, touchscreens, or ergonomic remote controls. With a multiple-source system, you can listen to the radio in one room while others are enjoying CDs or TV elsewhere, all from one system.

We offer several multiroom solutions for all types of needs and budgets, from our premium E-Series systems to our versatile and feature-rich RNET® systems to our very affordable A-BUS® amplified keypad systems. Whether you want single-source or multisource, starr has a system to enhance every lifestyle.