Ent Class Online Backup



Local and Online Data Protection

Cloud Attached Storage combines a local storage appliance with cloud storage services, ideal for the data protection needs of your small or medium business.

  • Multi-level data protection - local and remote
  • Ultra fast initial backup
  • LAN-speed restore

Network Storage and File Sharing

Our appliances are full featured NAS devices, including file sharing, volume snapshots, RAID arrays, FTP server and more.

Automated, Transparent and Fast Online Backup

Configure online backup to run at off-hours, and determine how much of your bandwidth to allocate. Our backup protocol uses advanced compression and de-duplication techniques to ensure the most efficient use of bandwidth.

Restore your files Anywhere, Anytime

Access your online backups using a Web browser, and restore individual files or entire sets either directly to the Cloud Attached Storage appliance, or to any computer.

No Software Installation Required

The Cloud Attached Storage appliance includes all the required software to connect to cloud storage and backup directly. There's no need to install software agents on each desktop computer in your office. Lightweight managed agents are still included, in case you want to back up remote users or laptops.



Visit our backup site. https://starrtech.cloudecity.com/